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Introduction 8 Set alle ore He is also the oldest member among the group. When Xiumin gets caught on the camera with a woman she often is a job partner in dramas, web series, or MVs. In his six year old career he has never been caught with in any relationship with anybody. Ex Girlfriend No information could be found about his past relationships as well. However, he did disclose in an interview he reveled what type of girl he likes. The singer said that he likes a woman who is huggable and one who can comfort others.

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Your best friend Minseok gets a little uncomfortable when you admit to your study date with Oh Sehun. Confessions are made and fights ensue. Another one that was originally written for Yasmin. He was walking me home from school and insisted on carrying all of my books.

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O like to team up to tease Chanyeol. He said that there are two reasons, one is to save time and the other is because he’s sometimes scared to take a shower late at night after their schedule. O wanted to be a hairstylist but no one in EXO-K wants him as their hairstylist. He and the rest of the EXO members would watch it when they need a laugh.

O is the type of guy that loves only one girl at a time. O up to make him food, but if D. O refused, he will bite his ears. O likes patting Kai’s cheeks. O used to put a lot of effort into cooking but now all he does is bibimbap. O and Kai likes to watch variety shows together at the dorm. Before debut, they would always play together.


Gabby Your relationship with Xiumin was always quite, peaceful, and gentle one. Neither of you raised a voice at the other, instead both of you held your tongues to accept the other’s flaws. And when it came down to it you guys always sit and talk if need be.

Monster EX’ACT Xiumin, Suho, Lay Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol D.O, Kai, Sehun Lyrics/작사: Kenzie, 딥플로우(Deepflow) Composer/작곡: Kenzie, LDN Noise, Rodnae `Chikk` Bell Arranger/편곡: Kenzie, LDN Noise, Rodnae `Chikk` Bell Romanization Korean Translation She got me going crazy wae shimjangi ttwini neon areumdaweo naye Goddess dacheo itji Yeah yeah dudeuril teni nal.

Warm Tea Patiently lingering on the couch, you flip through TV channels, hoping to find something the slightest bit entertaining. With no success you settle on watching an old cartoon from when you were a child. Setting down the remote with a sigh, you curl your body into a ball on top of the soft couch cushions. A baggy sweatshirt hangs off your shoulders, providing comfort to your body and mind.

These are always the hardest nights. Staying up late to see your boyfriend when he eventually comes home from work. No matter how many times you beg Xiumin to get some rest, he insists on staying up to spend time with you. Even when he has the worst days. Other nights, when Xiumin is in his usual jovial mood, he drives home, greets you with a smile before the two of you have a cup of late night tea.

Having warm tea at the darkest time of the evening had become one of the finest memories you would cherish forever.


So, the recent news about Kai and Krystal dating has gone crazy. Now, everyone in the world probably knows about it. So, whole recap of what happened: Entertainment confirms dating rumors. They eat in restaurants, having simple dates. They are found in a pool somewhere in Gangneun kissing.

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I kinda change the plot so i hope you don’t mind. My life was perfect.. We both were in love and we didn’t care about breaking the rules in SM about dating. MinSeok’s trainee days were over. He was in EXO-M. The doorbell rang and i ran downstairs to get it. It has been 1 week since i saw him. You felt your heart slowly breaking into peices..

During our trainee days you said when we become idols we will still be together forever.. Make it easier for the both of us.. I didn’t say anything.. Thank you for everything..

Meet the nine Exo members – Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, Kai, Sehun and D.O.

His real name is Wu Yi Fan apparently as a child Kris lived in Vancouver, Canada very social and can talk to anyone other trinees and team members of EXO think of him as a big brother nationality Chinese joined SM by global auditions in Canada in enjoys reading book favorite music genre: He auditioned to join JYP Entertainment in He failed the audition and later auditioned to be part of SM Entertainment. In , he attended Yonsei University as an exchange student. He joined SM Entertainment in A scouting agent approached him while he was shopping in Myeongdong.

sehun accidentally flip his camera and his thighs was shown + his reaction.

He has an older brother, Byun Baekbeom. Baekhyun started singing at a young age. At age of 9, he decided to become a professional singer and began to participate in various competitions to gain experience and meet other young singers. Baekhyun is former student of Jungwon High School. He was a member of the school’s band and attended several musical festivals, later winning an award at a local rock festival.

During this period, he refused several propositions from talent agencies. He was spotted by an agent of S. Entertainment as he was studying for his college musical entrance exams. He was proposed to join the label as a trainee, which he finally agreed to in through the S. When asked about how it happened, Baekhyun answered, “That day I had an exam, I wanted to do music, I was in front of the school holding my notes and relaxing my vocal cords when suddenly someone touched my back.

I’m not sure if you can call it luck, but that’s how I fatefully entered SM. He appeared in the 19th Teaser with Lay and Chen.

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All he could do was sit there beside his wife and try to block out her screams. He tried to say small words of encouragement but nothing would come out. He was a mixture or nervousness, excitement, and worry. His wife who had been trying to keep calm by looking at her emotionless husband was finally calmed down by the small action.

Ako si Maia King,isang babaeng malambing. Simpleng babae lang at hindi gaanong kagandahan. Simula noong ako’y tinutuk

She leans against the doorway, observing you carefully. She continues to look at you, and then lets go of your arm after a few seconds. If you say so. We should put on some music. A familiar tune comes on, and a small grin appears on your face. The song contains memories of you and chanyeol, the times you guys spent together while listening to this. You thought things were going well between you and him. You swear that he loves you just as much as you do. Or were you imagining things?

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On a recent episode of Life Bar, he revealed that before auditioning from SM, he had set his mind on going to a sports school until he was convinced to accompany his friend for an audition at SM Entertainment. During the Nature Republic fan meeting, he was revealed to be one of the members who has a high tolerance for alcohol, and said that he recently enjoyed drinking whisky more than other drinks. In fact, it was Max Changmin who inspired him to be a singer.

When they appeared on the recent episode of Life Bar together, he called it a dream come true. He used to be chubby The singer revealed on an episode of Knowing Brother that he used to be chubby when he was younger.

 · EXO ‘s Xiumin has shared how it felt to be featuring on AOA ’s leader, Jimin’s new track ‘Call You Bae’! Jimin’s question to Xiumin was, “ How does it feel to be working together?” Xiumin replied, “ Honestly, this is my first time featuring on a song and it’s also a duet with a

Scroll through my posts Who am I? I’m a girl from Denmark. I am Chanyeol biased, but I love them all very much! I make reactions, ships, fake snapchats, click and drags and many other random things which you can find in either my Masterlist or “scroll through my post”: Can I have an EXO reaction sort of? Who would be your best friend in the group if you are dating a certain member? Ex if your dating kai your best friend would be D.

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EXO April 15, Do you want to become the ideal type of your bias? As K-idols become more and more popular, many fans wonder what type of person they get fascinated by. You never know, their change of preference may better fit you. K-Idols often get asked about which aspect of their ideal partner they look for the most.

EXO-M as Boyfriends Hello!! Thanks so much for your request, and thanks, I love my theme too, haha! This is my first request so I hope it’s okay! I kind of got carried away, soo I’m doing it in it in.

Are Yeri and Xiumin dating? Netizens discover evidence of the pair’s close relationship By Maria A. Fans recently discovered evidence that proves Yeri and Xiumin’s close relationship. According to Koreaboo , some photos show that Yeri and Xiumin have a supportive, sibling-like relationship. Despite their nine-year age gap, the pair does not act awkwardly when interacting with one another and in fact bond naturally as though they are brothers and sisters.

While filming their “Sweet Monster” commercial for Skechers, fans also noticed that Yeri and Xiumin bonded closely on set, and even played a game of Cat’s Cradle. It’s unlikely that Yeri and Xiumin are dating, but it is evident that the two share a cute sibling-like bond. Meanwhile, Koreaboo reported that Xiumin may be on his way to receiving his doctorate degree from Hoseo University. The singer was recently spotted at the university, and one student claimed that Xiumin is enrolled in a doctorate program and is currently finishing up his final courses for the degree.

Although Xiumin’s major was not revealed, the student confirmed that he was not majoring in contemporary or practical music. In , Xiumin received his master’s degree in music from Catholic Kwandong University. It is said that Xiumin’s professors recognized him as a model student that never missed any of his assignments.

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